Talent Innovation MasterClass - Leveraging Generational Diversity

By 2025, three out of every four workers globally will be Millennials. They already make up 80% of the workforce in some companies. Soon, they will dominate the workplace and shape the future of organizations worldwide. They are certainly a force to reckon with. Any organization who wishes to thrive now and be future ready need to build it's capability to leverage on the shifting demographics - particularly that of managing Generation Y/Millennials within the context of multi-generations at work.

Cheryl Liew-Chng is a sought after expert in partnering with organisations to create effective workplaces leveraging culture, gender and generation diversity. She has been cited as "The go-to people for Generation Y" by Straits Times and recently interviewed by Business Times on "Being the younger boss".

This masterclass is intended for leaders, HR directors, D&I directors, senior management team. Join this masterclass to learn how you can grow enhance your organization and your ability to fully leverage the generations you have on your team particularly that of Generation Y.

In the first hour, you and your peers will learn the 3 phases of transitions needed; you will understand the context around why the timing and the order of these steps is critical and you will see multiple case-studies of how transitions are embraced by smart organizations leveraging on generational diversity. Subsequently, you will get more personalized content, allowing you to see the frameworks and methodologies that will allow you to apply the learning into your business with immediate effect.

What you will discover:
- What smart organizations are doing to leverage on the increasingly generational diverse workforce.
- The 3 phases of transition towards a more generational inclusive workplace.
- What the missing links to attracting, retaining and engaging the generational diverse talent pool and how they can be addressed.

What others say about our programmes on managing multi-generations.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course which gave very concise information on MG characteristics and how managers may harness them for improved corporate performance. A very practical approach that facilitates quick implementation for results.(Chief Financial Officer, Healthcare sector)

This session had certainly given me a better perspective on the importance of better managing the multi-generation workforce. The changing demographic is just not affecting staff attraction and retention but also the way we do business.(Director of HR, Hospitality sector)

This is definitely a good course and I have absolutely no doubt of its relevance and need as we are facing a diverse workforce as the government extends the retirement age, create more re-employment opportunities while engaging the energies of a highly educated and vibrant younger population. (Head of Division, Government Agency)

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Meet Cheryl at here.

www.LifeWorkz.asia or www.The24HourWoman.com

Cheryl in various workshops and speaking platforms.

Wed Jun 29, 2016
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM SGT
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